Winst Achmea daalt met ruim een kwart


The net profit of Achmea fell by 27% in 2013 to € 344 million Cause of declining profits were write-downs of goodwill on the retirement services and health insurance business.

Winst Achmea daalt met ruim een kwart

Achmea expected that parts book. Less income in the future Damage on the insurer did do good business. Achmea recorded a profit of € 265 million, a whopping 33% more than a year earlier.

“We achieved higher results in our general insurance business, among others thanks to our interventions to restore the profitability of our insurance income,” says Willem van Duin, Chairman of the Board of Directors. The result was further exacerbated by a few large fire and storm damage in the last months of 2013.


Care and Retirement
In the fields Care and Retirement & Life looked for Achmea less rosy. The structural result on care fell by 9% to € 321 million at Retirement & Life even decreased by 36% (€ 245 million). So it led to write-downs of goodwill.

Van Duin: “Our result was strongly affected by write-downs of goodwill on our pension services and health insurance business, because we expect that it will achieve than we assumed earlier structurally less income in the future these activities.”

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