Softwarebedrijven slaan handen ineen


ICT company XiTec from Waddinxveen ErvaarDevrijheid has taken over (Capelle aan den IJssel). Hence, the functionalities of the software Assuportal and Dynas linked.

Softwarebedrijven slaan handen ineen

ErvaarDevrijheid owner Henk Recallists remains active for the company. Assuportal employs nearly 200 users. The value of the acquisition is in the fact that the users of the package now also known as the ‘back end’ functionalities can be used by Dynas says Recallists. “Then you think for example accounting and underwriting facilities.” According XiTec-owner Johan de Jong Dynas developed based on open source, “a unique aspect in this industry.” “By adding the two solutions together creates a wonderful combination, for both the start and for a large insurance office (attorney) office provides the desired functionality. An additional advantage of this scaling is that the cost of the development of products and services can be limited. “

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